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About us

Welcome to DUDU Amusement ! Established in 2006, we are one of the biggest amusement manufacturers in China today! Having over 15 years'of experience, we have become one of the world’s leading companies, providing over 6000 equipment games per year to companies throughout the globe!

In the production process, DUDU integrates many advanced and skilled techniques. By using several high-end automated cutting machines, we can accurately cut and prepare the material for a near perfect assembly. In the production process, we use only high end welding machines and digital printers which equate to a more overall efficiency.

At DUDU, we take seriously the safety requirements and regulations with regards to the inflatable amusement industry. We also have high regard and concern when it comes to the environmental protection issues, regarding the vinyl and its chemical composition; therefore we use only Lead Free materials which meet the European Safety Standard. Our digital printing ink all comply with the SGS testing, printing industry standard.

At DUDU, we have become famously known by our customers as the company that creates the big huge inflatable slides bumper car bumper boat electric motorcycle and inflatable bouncers . Building Inflatables from the largest and down to the smallest of any kind, DUDU has built a strong reputation in all these areas. We also have become especially well known for our air-tight constructed products, such as in the inflatable water games and the inflatable shelters and tents.

When searching for your next inflatable, Remember DUDU Amusment - your best choice, your best business partner for a global economy and long-term service.


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