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FAQ- How to drive a bumper car better

1. Use your front as much as possible to hit the side of someone else's parking space. In other words, through anticipation and turning, use the front and left sides of your own car to collide with the left and right sides of the rear of another car. It is not very effective to hit the opponent's tail from the rear, and it will reduce your speed;
2. When the two cars face each other, if the other party has the tendency to bump into you, don't dodge and bump into it directly, otherwise it is easy to expose your rear to the opponent and cause your car to drift in place;
3. While judging that a collision is about to occur, leave your hands slightly away from the steering wheel to protect your wrists and fingers. At the same time, press your left foot against the rest pedal and your right foot against the accelerator to make your legs as hard as possible and let the right side Keep your knees away from the steering wheel;
4. After the collision has occurred, shift the center of gravity to one side of the buttocks as soon as possible to prevent continuous left and right collisions, which may cause muscle tears at the anus;
5. When most bumper cars are blocked in place, quickly turn the steering wheel in any direction for two turns and it will enter the reverse state;
6. In the process of traveling, if you want to stop as soon as possible, you can quickly turn the reverse plate, and then stop after drawing a small circle on the spot. Don't try to stop by raising the throttle, you will go far because of inertia;
7. In fact, this is an interest, and it is also a kind of skilled work;
8. It is not recommended to play this item when you eat too much.

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